Elizabeth Fry Society of Sudbury

The Elizabeth Fry Society, Sudbury is dedicated to addressing the needs of persons in conflict with the law, or at risk of becoming in conflict with the law, and in particular the circumstances of women and young women in the criminal justice system.

Restorative Justice and Conflict Mediation

The Restorative Justice and Conflict Mediation Program provides peer mediation for youth aged 12-21 using a restorative justice approach within the school setting to address conflict/violence that impacts the school community. This program provides youth with an opportunity to be accountable for their behaviour and strengthen their social skills. In addition, the program provides linkages to community services and supports, as needed, to address underlying issues which may be linked the school conflict/violence and put the youth at risk.




COORDINATE a peer mediation program designed to facilitate the reparation of harm and relationships;

PROVIDE peer mediation training and ongoing support to students and faculty leads in order to address conflict/violence that impacts the school community;

IDENTIFY primary needs and risk level of youth in the program and appropriate intervention i.e. peer mediation, referral to community services and supports

INITIATE referrals to resources including community organizations, schools/schoolboards, police, probation, etc.

BUILD capacity within the school to address behaviour issues;

DEVELOP relationships between school and youth to support continuity of learning and to support increased school engagement and achievement.


Restorative justice and conflict mediation services are available to male and female youth who are:

  • Between the ages of 12-21
  • Enrolled in elementary or secondary school
  • Engaged in conflict/violence that impacts the school community
  • Willing to accept responsibility for their actions


Referrals are received by a teacher, school administrator, probation, police, self-referral, another youth serving agency or by a parent/guardian.